MIG Garage Warrior Combo Package

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MIG Garage Warrior Combo Package

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The LONGEVITY PROMTS® 200 combines 3 welding processes in 1 machine with an impressive 200 amp MIG welder, 200 amp TIG welder, and 170 amp STICK welder.
LONGEVITY® includes everything needed to use this machine to its full potential by including a MIG and TIG torch along with a Stick Holder. Something the competition does not do. The PROMTS® 200 uses inverter technology easy to use digital selction process making setup and welding is easily performed by the hobbyist or professional.


ForceCut 42i

The ForceCut® 42i only weighs 36lbs. and runs off 110/220v 1 phase voltage making this unit the most portable plasma cutters on the market for its power. The ForceCut® 42i offers quality cutting of up to .78” (20mm) and rough cuts of up to .98”(25mm)!

Welding Cart




  • Tig
  • Mig
  • Stick
  • Multiprocess
  • Plasma
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<li>Welding Repair</li>
<li>Motorsports/ Automotive</li>
<li> Contstruction/HVAC</li>
<li> Commercial maintenance</li>
<li> Fabrication/machine shops</li>
<li> Shipyard/pipeline industry</li>