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Engine-driven welders are typically used when electric power isn’t available, such as for outdoor jobs where it often is not convenient to supply electric power. Many of these outdoor applications, including maintenance and equipment repair, require welders that are easy to transport. Compact tube frame welders with small gasoline engines are an ideal choice. Models with an enclosed case, although considered portable, are significantly heavier at 200 to 300 lbs. Tube frame engine-driven welders are more easily lifted by hand or with a crane from the back of a pick-up truck right to the jobsite. They are ideal for contractors, maintenance crews, farmers and ranchers. If you’re looking to purchase a portable engine-driven welder for your next jobsite, we can help identify what key features to consider when selecting a tube frame welder for your welding and repair needs. LONGEVITY engine-driven welders are the perfect solution for your power generating and welding needs when electrical power is not available. For many outdoor jobsite applications including repair, farming, maintenance, and construction, LONGEVITY offers an efficient solution - portable engine-driven welders.

If you are looking for power or to weld off the grid, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help answer any questions you may have to insure that the model of your interest will meet all of your welding and power generating needs.

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LONGEVITY engine-driven welders: what to look for?

The welders have to figure out if they need an AC or a DC welder (or both) before they consider the generator features. Commercial welders know that the AC welding equipment will work with aluminum metals, while the DC welding equipment will work with all other exotic metals.

As a rule, the AC engine-driven welders are far more affordable and weigh less than the DC welders since they do not require additional electrical components in order to convert the power. The AC engine-driven generators are further preferred as they can power the welder’ tools and other AC generated equipment.

The DC engine-driven machines are required in cases where welding is done with a stick welding rod or an electrode holder. Thus, the welder will be able to stick or arc weld numerous electrodes at any given time. The AC and DC engine-driven welders are a benefit, thus it would be better if you have equipment that can do both AC and DC and use them if and when necessary.