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MODEL Type Fuel Type Oil Warning Alert Frequency Digital Hour, Volt, Amps, KW, and Hertz Meter Digital Starter (Press Button Start) Operating Noise Level


LDG6500 Revolving Magnetic Field , Self-Excitation, 2 Poles, Brushless, Single-phase Diesel Yes 60Hz Yes Yes 69db(A)
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Do you need electrical power on the jobsite, farm, ranch or remote area?

LONGEVITY power generating equipment is an excellent solution to provide power where power is not available. We offer portable and commercial generators that are reliable and affordable. Since we offer both gasoline and diesel generators, deciding on which one to choose can be a challenge. Diesel generators are considered more reliable and diesel fuel is less volatile allowing you to safer store the fuel. With LONGEVITY diesel or gasoline generators, you will feel confident that your generator is backed by a 1-year warranty and customer support that is unmatched!

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Here at LONGEVITY, we pride ourselves in selling Economy Silent Diesel Generators as well as propane powered, natural gas powered, and Gasoline Generators. These generate electricity with a much quieter ambience than our competitors Generators with several options. Our Silent Diesel Generators have some standard features like fuel gauge voltmeter, oil warning light, circuit breaker for protection, and other notable options.

For smooth and quiet operation, it is enclosed in a steel frame which is very rigid, insulated with sound proof material and isolated by motor mounts. Latest models of our LDG Silent Diesel Generators include a full power panel with engine shut off switch, hour meter, voltage selector, etc... The idle control feature of this generator saves fuel and reduces noise. We provide a one year or 3000 Hour parts warranty on these generators for both residential & commercial use. A LONGEVITY BRAND GENERATOR is useful for running many electric appliances at home as well as on the job or in many other applications including most mobile applications.

Please take a look at the different models and styles of silent generators that we carry for a great bargain on a quality Diesel Generators produced by LONGEVITY. If you have any other questions on our generators, please contact us at our toll free # 877-566-4462.