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Innexpensive / Cheap Plasma Cutters – Longevity Global Inc.

When you are looking for a cheap plasma cutter you always need to keep some important things in mind. It is important to know which plasma cutter you are buying. Does the price of the unit affect the quality? Are you paying inflated prices because of the name of the brand? Buying an inexpensive plasma cutter can be a challenge, but Longevity has taken the risk our of buying a low priced cutter because of their unmatched 5 year warranty and 30 day risk free trial.

Before buying, the first step is to determine the thickness of the metal that you are intending to cut. Any cheap plasma cutter will be rated on its cutting ability as well as amperage. If you want to cut thick material, you've to opt for a higher amperage plasma machine, which are obviously more expensive. However, if you are cutting metal that is thin, go for a lower amperage machine within your price range. Remember, the rule of thumb when buying an inexpensive plasma cutter is to purchase one that will do just a tad more than you will normally use it for - this way you are not stuck with a unit that is not powerful. One notable inexpensive unit is the Longevity ForceCut 40D which is capable of cutting up to 1/2 inch of mild steel. Most people's concerns about cheap Plasma Cutters are that you not produce a quality cut. If you have such concerns, please look at our cutting videos, see what customers are saying at www.freeweldingforum.com in the customer testimonial section or simply give the unit a try for yourself - you do have 30 days risk free*.  

Select your cheap plasma cutter based on whether the cutting operations are being performed in a production environment or in a kind of atmosphere where cutting speed is not so very critical. Remember, you are on a budget so deciding which unit will be affordable is extremely important. If you can push for the next model up with more power do it!  

When you are buying a cheap plasma cutter, check the specifications on the unit to determine the cutting speeds for all thickness of metal to be measured in inches per minute. In case the metal you have to cut is thick, a cheap plasma cutter which offers higher amperages will cut through the metal much faster than one having lower amperage.  

Also, check out the plasma cutter's duty-cycle. For long, time-consuming cuts or performance that is needed in an automated environment, check the duty cycle. The better the duty cycle, the more you can use your plasma cutter without interruption. So opt for a cheap plasma cutter with higher duty-cycle so that you can cut longer without taking a break.  

Always opt for cheap plasma cutters with the least number of consumable parts or one that has inexpensive consumables. Replacing expensive big branded consumables can be very costly and if your operating cost is high, then the plasma cutter is not an efficient and affordable tool. Longevity Consumable parts are always affordable and priced far less than the leading brand consumables allowing you to use your inexpensive plasma cutter without any worries