Mig Guns

MIG guns are an important part of GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding as they hold the welding wire that is fed through by the wire feeder, and also are fragile, feature parts that wear down and need to be replaced like the nozzles, tips, swirl rings, springs, and other parts of the MIG gun body. It is important to choose a reliable MIG welding gun. That is why LONGEVITY has partnered with two reputable MIG torch manufacturers Binzel and Trafimet. We offer parts for both companies and our equipment comes standard with Binzel MIG guns.

Different Gun Connections

Commercial welders know that the MIG guns come in different sizes and vary in their output capabilities. The MIG guns that are most commonly used feature Tweco connection style, that is well-known by the welding manufacturers. In addition, there are MIG guns that have Euro connectors on the end, which makes them widely used in Europe and in the USA.

Which MIG Gun should I use for my unit?

Binzel and Trafimet have different amp rated guns, which are depending on the unit the commercial welder uses. The companies can offer a 15, 24, 36 version of their guns in accordance to the amps they can handle. The 15 version is typical for machines up to 200amps, while the 24 version goes up to 250amps. At the same time the 36 version rates for machines up to 350amps. LONGEVITY Company offers MIG guns of a larger size as well that work with our MIGWELD 500amp models which have a 100% duty cycle at 500amps.