MIGWELD 200S200 AMP 220v MIG WELDER (Spool Gun Capable)


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MODEL : MIGWELD 200S     PRODUCT # : 880147

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200 AMP MIG/STICK Welder 220v 60% Duty Cycle

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Retail Price: $839.99

Sale Price: $649.99

Optional Additional Warranty:
Additional 1 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) : $200.00
Additional 2 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) : $375.00
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Recommended Areas Of Use

  • Welding Repair
  • Motorsports/ Automotive
  • Contstruction/HVAC
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Fabrication/machine shops
  • Shipyard/pipeline industry

What’s included

  • Binzel Ergoplus 15
  • STICK Electrode Holder
  • Ground Cable
  • Argon Regulator
  • 2lb Spool
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Gas Welding on 220v power!

The MIGWELD® 200 S is the most versatile welder which will do aluminum with the optional spool gun in addition to all exotic metals. The MIGWELD® 200 S will easily connect to your existing 220v wall outlet and can be setup easily in minutes. Running on a standard 220v power cord and capable of holding up to an 11lb spool, you will be able to lay down a nice weld anywhere with or without gas!

Durable Wire Feeder Plus Spool Gun Capable

 The MIGWELD® 200 S is an exceptional welder for the price! It will also allow you to weld aluminum with the optional spool gun, which sells for $119.99. Easy to setup and attach, you are able to run a 1lb aluminum spool from the Spool Gun.

Powerful, Reliable,Efficient Technology

LONGEVITY offers cutting-edge technology in the
MIGWELD® 200 S by including reliable transformer technology inside this unit. Transformer technology has been proven in welding for decades as reliable and durable. The welder still maintains a small and portable feel with a total box weight of 53 lbs. The machine itself is around 37 lbs.

Thermal Overload Protection

If you are welding for a long period of time and your duty cycle limit is reached, LONGEVITY’s thermal overload protection will kick on safely shutting down your machine for proper cooling avoiding any damage. Once it cools, you will be able to weld again!

Easy, User Friendly Adjustments

The MIGWELD® 200 S panel allows the user to see the
settings quickly and accurately. By using the variable
adjustment dials, the user can fine tune the welder to the
exact setting for faster and accurate welding every time.

220v Power!

The MIGWELD® 200 S is a true 200 amp welder using your standard 220v outlet. Easily plug your MIGWELD® 200 S with the supplied plug into any wall receptacle and start welding with the standard torch or the spool gun!

Easy Setup

LONGEVITY equips the user with Tweco® style connectors enabling you to easily swap torches anytime with your favorite guns.Lots of Included Extras!


Lots of Included Extras!

The MIGWELD® 200 S comes with a mild steel 1lb welding wire roll, welding mask, chipping hammer and welding brush. Together, you are ready to weld with
this all in one package!


220v 50/60hz 1 phase

Spool Gun Capable

YES with Optional SpoolGun140



Duty Cycle

60% @ 200A

Stick Welding Capable


Wire Range

.025”-.030” (0.6-0.8mm) solid steel


W: 10.75” x H: 17 ” x D:20 ”


37 lbs




Product Literature :
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One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.












 Rated Input 120VAC, 60 Hz, 18 Amps  -- 115VAC, 60 hertz, 20 amps 1 Phase 220v-240v 50/60hz
Technology INVERTER  -- Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT
No Load Voltage --  -- 50v-80v 58v
Rated Input Current --  --  -- 1 Phase: 40Amps 3 Phase: 23Amps
Rated Input Power -- --  -- 9 Kva
Power Factor --  -- --  .08
Efficiency --  --   85%
Voltage Adjusting Range --  --  -- 14-28v
Current Output Range 50-100 Amps  -- 20-140A 40-250A
Min./Max. Output (Amps)
10%@100amps  -- 30-140Amps:
20% Duty Cycle at 140 Amps
250amp duty cycle is 60%
200amp duty cycle is 100%
Wire Speed --  -- 59 to 393 in/min (1.5-10.0m/min) 59 to 393 in/min (1.5-10.0m/min)
Maximum Spool Size Capacity --  -- 30 lb. Internal Spool Feeder 30 lb. Internal Spool Feeder
Suitable Wire  Welding wire size:.035" to 040"  -- .8, 1.0 solid/flux cored wire. .030,.045 solid/flux cored wire.
Spool Gun Capable NO  -- SPOOL GUN 140 SPOOL GUN PRO
GMAW-P (Pulse MIG feature ) NO  -- No Yes, Yes(Double Pulse)
Stick Welder (Option) NO  --  -- Yes
DC Stick Material Thickness --  -- -- --
Stick ( ARC ) Electrode Maximum Diameter (E7018) --  -- -- 3/16"
 Weldable Materials Mild Steel  -- Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum with Spool Gun Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum with Spool Gun


•    MIG Torch with contact tips (3 meters)
•    Earth/Ground Clamp (3 meters)
•    Regulator Flow Gauge
•   .030 and .035 contact tips





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    One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.

    MigWeld 200S Review by Larry
    The machine is a fair value for the money.

    If this is going to be your only machine, consider another Brand.

    When I purchased my MigWeld 200S, the gun "stinger" went bad in the first month I had it. It took over 2 months and a lot of telephone calls to get it right. They even sent me a "stinger" that would not fit on the machine. If it wasn't for the dealer, I don't know when I would have gotten the right part.

    The last episode involves the mount for the drive/tension rollers. It's made of plastic. It just cracked into several pieces. It's been 2 months so far, still no word from the company. I called yesterday. NO PARTS and they don't expect any for at least another month!

    (Posted on Feb 04,2016)

    overall very good machine . Review by Paul
    Very versatile and user friendly.
    the torch lead is a little short and wish it had some sort of chart for start settings but otherwise really good value (Posted on Jun 23,2014)

    Great bang for the buck. Review by Seth
    I bought this machine based on its price, size, and duty cycle. I could not find a better deal from any other manufacturer. Shipping was done quickly and I had the welder running within minutes of it being delivered. (Posted on Jun 19,2014)

    great deal for money Review by thomas h
    purchased 4 mo ago use it weekly. does all that's advertised. really appreciate 60% duty cycle. would recommend to any serious hobbiest (Posted on Dec 10,2013)

    Excellent Product - Easily Surpassed my Expectations Review by Allen
    Truthfully, I did not really expect this to work well and was really hesitant about making this purchase but I really didn't want to fork out the $1400 for the comparable Hobart Ironman 230. I currently have a Hobart Handler 125 but was looking to get more amperage for a heavy equipment trailer project. My Miller Syncrowave 200 could easily handle the job but there was no need to waste my time with TIG and it would be quicker (and better looking) to MIG this instead of stick. At first glance, I was impressed that it did include a regulator and hose (a youtube review said it was not included), and the upgraded 15ft long MIG gun. A minor setback was that it shipped with three .040" contact tips with a spool of .035" wire. An email and phone call had three .035" tips quickly shipped to me. This unit easily welds just as good as my hobart only this one now has the greater capacity. I have used this welder so far in the range of 1/16" to 1/4" material and am very satisfied with the results. I didn't really have the need for the spool gun being that I could just TIG weld with my miller but I was drawn in buy its favorable price and decided to purchase that as well. Again, very impressed. I haven't used the spool gun on any actual projects yet but the test welds I made on 3/16" aluminum turned out very good. Overall, I am 100% satisfied and am very glad I made these purchases. I believe a Longevity plasma cutter purchase may be in my near future now. (Posted on Aug 09,2013)

    Preferable MIG welder Review by Sean
    I use this powerful 2 in 1 welder for general purposes. However, I prefer MIG welding with the gas due to better results in welding bits of thin stainless steel. This machine and a lot of included extras made me glad.
    (Posted on Apr 28,2013)

    Affordable and powerful machine Review by Kevin
    Acquiring this welder provided me with capabilities of doing aluminum using the spool gun that exactly suits my needs in a workshop. It is easily setup in minutes. Thermal overload protection is important for safe and reliable operation. Besides, when buying I got extras - wire roll, welding mask, chipping hammer and welding brush. (Posted on Apr 25,2013)

    good product choice Review by romeroH
    Trusted product (with all customer service support on this site), 220V, capable of stick and aluminum welding (with additional spool gun), great choice product. Probably needs flux cored wire for the best welding performance. Has a 5 years warranty which is also nice. (Posted on Apr 14,2013)

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    Is the stick welding AC or DC?
    1 Answer
    Posted On: 2/3/14 By: Mitch Kaley
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    A :<p>Stick welding can be both AC or DC.</p> <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbbW3YBHxW0</p>

    Posted On: 7/23/14By: admin
    what size breaker do you need to run this machine?
    1 Answer
    Posted On: 11/2/13 By: Andrew Scheer
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    A :<p>You need only a 30 amp 220v breaker, but can run it on a 50 amp breaker as well.</p>

    Posted On: 12/15/13By: admin