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Recommended Areas Of Use

  • Welding Repair
  • Motorsports/ Automotive
  • Contstruction/HVAC
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Fabrication/machine shops

What’s included

  • Main Unit with 14ft Plasma Torch and 10ft Air cooled TIG torch
  • Stick Holder, and Ground Clamp
  • Foot Pedal
  • Air Regulator
  • Starter Kit of Consumabels
  • TIG Collets and Shield Cups
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WeldAll 160PI

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Multi-Process Convenience

The LONGEVITY WELDALL® 160pi is a first to market multi-process welder that allows the user to ACDC
TIG/STICK and Plasma Cut all from one portable machine. The WELDALL® 160pi combines 4 processes into one with a 160amp AC and DC TIG Welder, a 140amp STICK Welder, and 40amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter with the flip of a switch. It also offers advanced pulse controls for TIG welding – making it the perfect model for the fabricator!

Squarewave AC Control

Minimizes problems with AC TIG welding that are occur
during transition between the positive and negative
electrode. Squarewave technology shortens switching
between the Negative and Positive so the machine has
sufficient push to drive the arc.

Efficient Inverter Technology

With inverter technology, LONGEVITY has once again
revolutionized the industry by producing a portable, yet
powerful machine that can be operated with a generator,
perfect for the ON-THE-GO welding. Inverter technology
emphasizes portability, yet the efficiency and reliability of
the Soft Switching components allows for the ultimate
welding experience.

Panel or Foot Pedal Control

The control panel gives the operator the power to
change the welding parameters at his fingertips.
LONGEVITY understands that the foot pedal may be
inconvenient to use sometimes which is why it allows the
user to control welding parameters with its easy to uses
control panel. If you do like to have two free hands, the
foot pedal will be a great addition to the welding

High Frequency or Lift Arc start

he WELDALL® 160pi is safe to operate near hospitals or any other area where high frequency interference may cause issues. The WELDALL® 160pi offers the ability to start the arc with lift start which is also ideal to use around electronic devices which may be sensitive to high frequency interference.

Advanced Pulse TIG Function

LONGEVITY has added pulse capabilities to the WELDALL® 160pi for convenience of the user. Pulse welding helps with thin gauge metals along with heat sensitive metals. Pulse welding lowers average temperatures allowing to weld thin material focusing the arc and allowing for proper distribution of the heat. This feature also limits the arc cone diameter to a precise area which provides control of the arc.

Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

With the WELDALL® 160pi, the plasma cutter features
Pilot Arc system automatically senses loss of voltage, and
re-ignites the Pilot Arc allowing for the torch head to
maintain an arc when cutting. This is effective allowing
you to not worry about the cutting height, cut speed, and
it allows you to cut expanded metal. Pilot Arc technology
allows for you to always have power to the arc which
increases your cutting speed and assists with uneven
cutting surfaces.

Digital Meter Display

The WELDALL® 160pi features digital meters displaying your amperage to allow customers to adjust the unit to any
amperage quickly, accurately, and easily for TIG, STICK,
and Plasma Cutter functions.


220v 50/60hz 1 phase


Plasma, AC/DC TIG, Stick

Amp Output

Plasma: 40amps

TIG: 160amps

Stick: 160amps

AC/DC Function

YES, Pulse Capabilities


IGBT Inverter Based

Plasma Cutting Capacity

3/4'" Severance 

Duty Cycle

60% at MAX Amps on all processes

CNC Compatible


Stick Welding Capable


Starting Mechanism

TIG: High Frequency

Plasma: Blowback Start


W: 10” x H: 15” x D:9”








Product Literature :
View FileWeldAll 160 200 250 PI IGBT 1.29 MB
View FileWeldAll 160pi Specification Sheet 317.39 KB



One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.





PROMTS® 252i




PROMTS® 200i

Inverter Type Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT
Voltage/ Plasma Cutting (PAC) Specs 95% Duty Cycle @ 40 A (220/240) N/A 100% Duty Cycle @ 40 A (220/240) N/A
Recommended Maximum Cut Thickness 3/4" -- 3/4" --
Maximum Severance Cut 1" -- 1" --
Aluminum 3/8" -- 3/8" --
Weld Aluminum No Yes with Optional SpoolGun Yes with Optional SpoolGun Yes with Optional SpoolGun
GTAW-P No Yes Yes No
TIG Welder Specs 10-180Amp at 40% DUTY CYCLE (DC Only) 5-200AMP at 60% DUTY CYCLE (AC/DC GTAW PULSE) This will weld Aluminum 10-250AMP at 35% DUTY CYCLE (AC/DC GTAW PULSE) This will weld Aluminum MIG/MAG: 30% @ 200A,
STICK/ ARC (SMAW) Welder Specs 10-180AMP at 30% DUTY CYCLE (DC Only) 160AMP at 60% DUTY CYCLE (DC Only) 200AMP at 60% DUTY CYCLE (DC Only) STICK: 25% @ 200A





•    S45 Pilot Arc Cutting Torch - 14ft
•    Air Cooled TIG Welder Torch - 10ft
•    300 AMP Stick Holder - 10ft
•    Earth/Ground Clamp - 10ft
•    Built In Air Regulator and Regulator Adjustment
•    Air/Argon Hose
•    Foot Pedal - 8ft Cord
•    Argon Regulator



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One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.

Great Machine Review by Terry
I've had my 160PI since June now and it is a wonderful addition to my shop. When I ordered it, the website said that it had an air cooled TIG torch. It, however, came with a water cooled one. I built the cooling unit. I'm very happy with this welder. Sure beats my old buzz box. (Posted on Nov 20,2013)

Weldall 160Pi Review by Terry
I'm not a pro welder and I've only had the machine a few days, however, I really like this machine. I have not used the TIG function yet, but the stick is great. The only other stick that I have used was an AC 225 buzzbox. The plasma function on the 160Pi sliced through the web on 60 pound rail like a warm knife through butter.There is just one thing that bothers me. When you first turn it on you get an arcing noise coming from the power switch/breaker. other than that I'm happy with the machine. I can see more Longevity products in my future. (Posted on Jun 12,2013)

Nice multi- process machine Review by George
This multi-process machine impressed me with its functionality. I can use TIG, MIG welding and plasma cutting all from portable apparatus that allows me to take it to any location. I often have to cut metal sheets and plasma cutter with Pilot Arc help me to do this job without worrying about the cutting speed and cutting height.
(Posted on Apr 26,2013)

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