FORCECUT 60i60A IGBT Plasma Cutter


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MODEL : FORCECUT 60i     PRODUCT # : 880083

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60A IGBT Plasma Cutter

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Sale Price: $1,359.07

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Additional 1 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) : $150.00
Additional 2 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) : $280.00

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Recommended Areas Of Use

  • Welding Repair
  • Motorsports/ Automotive
  • Contstruction/HVAC
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Fabrication/machine shops

What’s included

  • Main Unit with 10ft. Cutting Torch
  • Earth Clamp
  • Air Regulator with Bracket
  • Air Hose
  • Starter Kit Consumables
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20-50 Amp Cutting Range

Whether you are cutting thin gauge materials or exotic metals up to 1 1/8” severance mild steel. The ForceCut® 60i offers superior cutting power for the price!

Pilot Arc Technology

 With the ForceCut® 60i plasma cutter, the Pilot Arc system automatically senses loss of voltage, and re-ignites the Pilot Arc allowing for the torch head to maintain an arc when cutting.

High Frequency Starting

High frequency is quicker and more reliable than other methods used.Restarts are instantaneous without having the gap of waiting for the air flow to stop in order to restart the pilot arc. High Frequency Starting allows for NON-Contact Starting. an arc mid-air without having to touch the workpiece.

CNC Torch Setting

LONGEVITY offers a CNC Torch setting which keeps the torch on while cutting. This setting is ideal for those working with CNC cutters without voltage sensing. Another way, we make CNC integration easier.

Efficient IGBT Inverter Technology

IGBT technology has taken the welding industry to new levels. It gives us the ability to offer smaller units that weigh less while increasing efficiency.

Front Mounted Regulators and Gauge

LONGEVITY offers easy accessibility by using front mounted regulators and Gauge on the ForceCut® 60i. An easy pull and turn to adjust the air pressure and a push to lock it in is all it takes, no fumbling around to the back to adjust settings. You will be able to see the pressure on the unit.

Digital meters

The ForceCut 60i uses digital meters to allow customers to adjust the unit to any amperage quickly, accurately and easily. 


Industrial Duty Cycle 

The ForceCut® 60i is no light weight cutter! With a duty cycle of 60% at maximum power the ForceCut® 60i is a machine that does not quickly abandon you half way through a job.



220v 50/60hz 1 phase

Severance Cut

1 1/4” @ 3” per min


IGBT Inverter Based

Duty Cycle

60% at 50 amps

Pilot Arc Technology


Starting Mechanism

High Frequency


W: 7” x H: 12”x D:20”









Product Literature :
View FileFORCECUT® 60i 987.08 KB
View FileLONGEVITY IGBT 60i 80i Plasma Cutters Manual 1.17 MB


One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.



FORCECUT® 40D          







Dual-Voltage Yes Yes with PFC technology No No
Arc Start HF Blowback Blowback HF
Inverter Type Mosfet

Infineon IGBT

Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT
Pilot Arc Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duty Cycle  60% @ 40 A 40% @ 40 A 95% @ 60 A 60% @ 80 A
Plasma Output (Amps) 40 A 40 A 60 A 80 A
Recommended Maximum Cut Thickness 3" Per minute @ 3/4" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 3/8" Thick Steel
3" Per minute @ 1" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
3" Per minute @ 1.25" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1.00" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
3" Per Minute @ 3/4" Aluminum
3" Per minute @ 1.75" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1.25" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
3" Per Minute @ 3/4" Aluminum
Maximum Severance Cut 3/4" 1" 1 3/8" 1 1/2"
Recommended Generator Power 5000 Watts 6500 Watts 8000 Watts 9000 Watts

What's Included with the Longevity ForceCut 40D and 50D Plasma Cutter

















•    Main Unit
•    Cutting Torch (10FT 60amp torch upgrade!)
•    Earth Clamp (10FT)
•    Water separator with Bracket (Air regulator built in!)
•    Air Hose for water separator connection
•    Consumables: 3 piece tips, 3 piece electrodes and 1 piece shield cup

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One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.

Perfect plasma cutter Review by Patric
I can cut with this plasma cutter thin mild steel. Non-contact starting provides producing the arc without having to touch the work piece that makes the process more accurate, and welding gauge materials gets better. Therefore, I am glad with using LONGEVITY FORCECUT 60i.
(Posted on Apr 28,2013)

Superior cutting power for the price Review by Brian
I am satisfied with the purchase of this plasma cutter. It has superior cutting power that enables me to cut whatever materials I need in a shop floor. It is simple to use and setup. In addition, it has an impressive duty cycle at maximum power.
(Posted on Apr 25,2013)

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