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Gas or Gasless Welding on 110v power!

The MIGWELD 140 is the most versatile welder which will do aluminum with the optional spool gun in addition to all exotic metals. The MIGWELD 140 will easily connect to your existing 110v wall outlet and can be setup easily in minutes. Running on a standard 110v power cord and capable of holding up to an 11lb spool, you will be able to lay down a nice weld anywhere with or without gas!

New Upgraded Metal Wire Feeder Plus Spool Gun Capable

 The MIGWELD 140 is an exceptional welder for the price!
It will also allow you to weld aluminum with the optional
spool gun, which sells for $119.99. Easy to setup and
attach, you are able to run a 1lb aluminum spool from the
Spool Gun.

Powerful, Reliable,Efficient Technology

LONGEVITY offers cutting-edge technology in the
MIGWELD 140 by including reliable transformer technology inside this unit. Transformer technology has been proven in welding for decades as reliable and durable. The welder still maintains a small and portable feel with a total box weight of 54lbs. The machine itself is around 40lbs.

Thermal Overload Protection

If you are welding for a long period of time and your duty cycle limit is reached, LONGEVITY’s thermal overload protection will kick on safely shutting down your machine for proper cooling avoiding any damage. Once it cools, you will be able to weld again!

Easy, User Friendly Adjustments

The MIGWELD 140 panel allows the user to see the
settings quickly and accurately. By using the variable
adjustment dials, the user can fine tune the welder to the
exact setting for faster and accurate welding every time.

110v Power!

The MIGWELD 140 is a true 140 amp welder using your
standard 110v outlet. Easily plug your MIGWELD 140 with
the supplied plug into any wall receptacle and start welding
with the standard torch or the spool gun!

Easy Setup

LONGEVITY equips the user with Tweco® style connectors enabling you to easily swap torches anytime with your favorite guns.Lots of Included Extras!


Lots of Included Extras!

The MIGWELD 140 comes with a mild steel 1lb welding
wire roll, welding mask, chipping hammer, welding brush,
and gas regulator. Together, you are ready to weld with
this all in one package!


110v 50/60hz 1 phase

Spool Gun Capable

YES with Optional SpoolGun140


Inverter Based

Duty Cycle

20% @ 90A 18V

Stick Welding Capable


Wire Range

.025”-.030” (0.6-0.8mm) solid steel

.030”-.035” (0.8-0.9mm) Flux-Cored


W: 9.6” x H: 14.5 ” x D:16 ”


40 lbs




  • Main Unit with 10ft MIG Torch
  • Ground Clamp
  • Gas Regulator
  • Contact Tips
  • Tig
  • Mig
  • Stick
  • Multiprocess
  • Plasma
  • CNC
  • Consumables
  • Welding Armor
  • General
  • Setup
<li>Welding Repair</li>
<li>Motorsports/ Automotive</li>
<li> Contstruction/HVAC</li>
<li> Commercial maintenance</li>
<li> Fabrication/machine shops</li>


One year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.