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Push Pull Guns

Which Push Pull Gun Should I buy

The push-pull guns could be of various forms, but their functionality is almost the same. Available are Pistol Grip Push Pull guns, that guarantee excellent aluminum welding characteristics to be used in high amperage, as well as in industrial and commercial welding applications. They usually also offer water cooling to maintain an appropriate temperature for the long term welding. Available are professional, lightweight guns for fabrication, as well as Gooseneck push-pull guns for setting the perfect angle.

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A lightweight, well-balanced push-pull MIG gun will allow you to weld aluminum in tight areas and will reduce your arm fatigue from using standard, heavy conventional MIG guns and spool guns. Push pull guns are your answer to normal wire feeding problems as they assist in pulling the welding wire through the torch. Push pull guns can be expensive, but LONGEVITY push pull guns are affordable, reliable, and affective when you need them most. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our knowledgeable team at