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August 2014 Welding Newsletter


In This Newsletter:

1.MONTHLY SPECIALS! The New WeldMax 185i is here and we are offering a deal. Go to product...


2. NEW PRODUCTS! Professional Equipment is here! Checkout the new FORCECUT 62i - 60amp plasma cutter, PROMTS 252i - 250amp MIG/TIG/STICK 110v/220v monster, STICKWELD 140 STL - 140 AMP 110v/220v LIFT TIG ready stick welder. 

3. Welding Video Reviews! Our new products are here and we got to play with them. Checkout our thoughts and some of our customers' thoughts on how they performed! 


Monthly Promotions




The WELDMAX 185i is a first to market multi-process welder that allows the user to DC TIG/STICK and plasma cut all from one portable machine. The WELDMAX 185i combines three processes into one with a 180 amp DC TIG Welder, a 180 amp STICK Welder, and an impressive 40amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter with a 30% duty cycle. – making it the perfect model for the fabricator!


Featured Products



Our Newest and Most Powerful Plasma Cutter!!!

LONGEVITY wanted to create a unit for the on-the-go user, something that was portable yet performed up to the expectations of the customer all while maintaining LONGEVITY’s priority on value. The FORCECUT 62i meetsall the required criteria and more! The FORCECUT 62i is capable of being hooked up to most portable compressors and generators. Powered by IGBT inverter technology, the FORCECUT 62i is lightweight and more reliable than other units on the market using out-of-date technology.




Tackle Your Welding Projects With This 3 in 1 Monstrosity!

The LONGEVITY PROMTS 252i combines 3 welding processes in 1 machine with an impressive 250 amp MIG welder, 250 amp TIG welder, and 250 amp STICK welder. It includes everything a MIG torch along with a Stick Holder.



140 AMPS of Raw Power to Tackle the Toughest Welding Job!

The LONGEVITY STICKWELD 140 STL is an excellent portable, yet powerful stick welder that is capable of welding on both 110v and 220v welding current. This featherweight stick welder weighs in at 9 LBS and ranges in amperage from 30-140 when connected to a 220v outlet, with Lift TIG torch compatibility!

New Video Reviews and Demos

We get to play wiht the FORCECUT 62i. In this video, Bruce goes over the Longevity FORCECUT 62i, setup and review. Here are some highlights of the FORCECUT 62i its cutting power, performance, size. This is a great machine for the price! Watch the Video...

So the FORCECUT 62i is a cutting monster, but how well does it stack up against the CUTMASTER 52? We put the new Longevity FORCECUT 62i to the test against the THERMAL DYNAMICS CUTMASTER 52 in this powerful plasma cutter rivalry. Watch the Video...


In this video, we go over the LONGEVITY STICKWELD 140 STL which is an excellent portable,yet powerful stick welder that is capable of welding on both 110v and 220v welding current. This featherweight stick welder weighs in at 9 LBS and ranges in amperage from 30-140 when connected to a 220v outlet. Check out the video...


Customer Video Reviews

By Kevin Caron from www.kevincaron.com

Kevin Caron is a well known metal artist and a long time friend of Longevity. What we like about Kevin is he tells it like it is and has the skillset to weld with professionals. What sets Kevin apart is his creativity and personality. Having Mary, Kevin's wife, help out as well with videos makes them a dynamic team! What does Kevin think of our new FORCECUT 62i plasma cutter? Lets find out in this video...


Kevin also got to try out and put to use our new PROMTS 252i which is a 250 AMP 110v/220v Auto-Voltage Regulating MIG, TIG, STICK model that packs plenty of power anywhere you go. Kevin will do some welding with this machine in the next video and will show you how much power this portable welder really has to offer!


Welding Articles


MIG welding is often used in everyday life, even by amateurs who work in their hobby shops and not only by commercial welders and industrial welders. That is why it seems that we should give some explanation on the basic MIG procedures and practices. Read More...

There are many types of flux core items that are used in the different welding processes and activities. Among all the different types of fluxes that are used in the Sumberged Arc Welding, two types are most widely spread – the fused flux and the bonded flux, each of them having its advantages and disadvantages. Read More...

Every commercial welder knows that the storage of electrodes is very important when working with welding materials and performing a certain welding process. Read More...



Welding Project of the Month


One of our welding forum members made this beautiful wooden table with metal frame. Checkout the steps to build such a table at home! Go to the build...


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