Spool Guns

LONGEVITY spool guns are designed for hobbyists, fabricators, and professionals to deliver steel alloy as well as aluminum welding wire at lengths up to 50 feet. Spool guns are an efficient and effective way to deliver or feed aluminum welding wire to your workpiece because the wire is fed from a small spool at the top or side of the wire gun instead of being fed by the feeder of the machine and through a long cord. All LONGEVITY MIG welders feature the option of having a spool gun capability as an add on. If you have any questions about spool guns, please email us at sales@longevitywelding.com

The Ratings of the Spool Guns:

As a rule, the spool guns are typically rated at about 150amps which is with a 60% duty cycles. LONGEVITY can also provide spool guns with 200amp ratings. In general the commercial welders are running 4043 aluminum 1 or 2 lb spool rolls on the spool guns where their diameter is usually 0.30. Depending on their requirements and application of the certain welding job, the commercial welder may opt for a spool gun that is allowing him / her to save time.