TIG Hobby Combo Package

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TIG Hobby Combo Package

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This compact, dual-voltage voltage, versatile unit offers the
user a simple array of controls to accurately set the welder to perform under a wide variety of situations including fine aluminum welding. The TIGWELD™ 200 SX allows the welder to easily switch from 220v to 110v with the adapter plug that is included while being able to produce 200 amps on both AC and DC TIG and 140 amps on Stick.






LONGEVITY wanted to create a unit for the on-the-go
user, something that was portable yet performed up to
the expectations of the customer all while maintaining
LONGEVITY’s priority on value. The ForceCut® 40D meets
all the required criteria and more!

The ForceCut 40D only weighs 32 lbs and runs off
110v/220v 1-phase voltage making this unit the most
portable plasma cutters on the market for its power. The
ForceCut® 40D offers quality cutting of up to 1/2” and
severance cuts of up to 3/4".

Welding Cart




  • Tig
  • Mig
  • Stick
  • Multiprocess
  • Plasma
  • CNC
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  • Welding Armor
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<li>Welding Repair</li>
<li>Motorsports/ Automotive</li>
<li> Contstruction/HVAC</li>
<li> Commercial maintenance</li>
<li> Fabrication/machine shops</li>
<li> Shipyard/pipeline industry</li>