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Wire Feeders

LONGEVITY WELDING Multi Process Units GTAW, SMAW,PAC Rated Voltage Rated Current Feeding Speed Wire Diameter (mm) Rated Welding Current Rated Running Load Rate Running Load   Typical Use


EXACT SPEED 4 CT DC 42V 5A 98-825ipm 0.8,1. 0, 1.2, 1.6 500A 60% 387A 3/16" industrial, heavy duty, shipbuilding, construction,

Internal vs External Wire Feeders: There are two types of wire feeders. Internal wire feeders typically are enclosed inside the GMAW welding machine and are fed through the unit out to the MIG gun. External wire feeders are separated from the power source and receive wire with either a self container spool holder or externally through means of a wire drum or barrel. External wire feeders are typically large and are meant for more industrial welding applications in comparison to smaller enclosed wire feeders that typically hold a 10lb to 30lb spools. Deciding on which type of feeding enclosure you need is simple, choose the one that is more convenient and one that is capable of handling your application. If you are a hobbyist looking to MIG for the first time or several times a day, internal wire feeding will do just fine!

2 Item(s) per page

2 Item(s) per page

LONGEVITY offers a variety of wire feeders for several of our power sources as well as enclosed, self container wire feeder suitcase style welders. Typically, our wire feeders are enclosed within the unit and feed through an internal system, but we also manufacture feeders that are separate from the power source to allow for larger spool feeding and more commercial use. If you have any questions about our wire feeders, please email us at