Welders and Cutters

Longevity offers a wide variety of Welders and Plasma Cutters. If you are a hobbyist or professional, Longevity Welding Equipment is a great choice in terms of affordability, warranty, and reliability. Our selection of welding equipment and plasma cutting equipment is extremely variable depending on your welding project needs.

Longevity offers the following welders:

MIG Welders

TIG Welders

Stick Welders

Multi-Process Welders and Cutters

Plasma Cutters

Whether this is your first welder or plasma cutter or you are we welding professional, Longevity has you covered. Longevity manufactures welding equipment to meet the needs and desires of all types of skillsets and individuals. Our welders can weld any steel including aluminum depending on the model chose.

Longevity Plasma Cutters can cut through Mild Steel as well as aluminum and also can be used in conjunction with CNC automated cutting tables. Longevity has been manufacturing welding equipment since 2005 and is one of the most recognized brands in the United States for quality and value.

If you want the best equipment for dollar value, Longevity ranks among the top of welding manufacturers. With our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you will see that Longevity is a solid choice during your trial period.