TIG Welders (GTAW)

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Longevity offers a wide variety of TIG Welding Equipment. Let’s define TIG Welders to better understand the TIG Welding process. TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas and is also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or GTAW. TIG Welding is more of a complicated welding process that is typically more time consuming process in comparison to MIG welding or Stick Welding. With it being more delicate and manual with the feeding of the filler wire in one hand while controlling heat with the TIG torch, you have the potential of producing finer quality and stronger welds.

Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, Longevity offers the perfect TIG welding machine for you. Longevity offers both AC and DC TIG Welders and TIG Welding Machines that can do both ACDC TIG. With TIG welding, you will need AC to weld aluminum. Longevity has TIG welders with amp ranges from 160 amps for the do it yourself users to 500 amps for the Industrial Welding market.

All Longevity TIG welding machines in the TIGWELD line feature stick welding capabilities as well with the flip of a switch. Most of the Longevity TIG welders are both 110v or 220v powered and some of the TIG welders feature PFC technology which enables the welder to run off a generator or in areas where the power has instability issues.

Longevity TIG Welders are portable, powerful, and feature inverter technology with the use of IGBT chipsets. All of our welders are dust tested, water proof tested against corrosion, vibration tested, and drop tested to insure that you have some of the most rugged equipment possible. Longevity TIG welders are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry enabling our customers to feel confident that their investment will last! Longevity also offers several resources to improve your TIG Welding skills including online training videos, welding calculators, tech support, and a welding forum which contains thousands of welding enthusiasts and professionals.

With Longevity welding equipment, you will experience a new way of welding with our innovative TIG machines that enable pulse controls, frequency controls, gas controls, and various other features for a fraction of the price our competitors charge.

If you are looking for a great TIG Welders for Sale , Longevity welding has the best choice for all of your TIG welding needs. If you have any questions about TIG Welding as a process or our TIG welding machines, please feel free to reach out to our technical staff and sales teams.

If you want the best equipment for dollar value, Longevity ranks among the top of welding manufacturers. With our 30 day satisfaction guarantee, you will see that Longevity is a solid choice during your trial period.