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Welding Helmets

Choosing the right auto-darkening welding helmet or mask.

Choosing the right auto-darkening helmet can be frustrating. Here are some tips in selecting a model that will work for you. Typically, all auto-darkening helmets range from shades of 9 to 13 allowing you to use the helmet with all processing including MIG, TIG, STICK welding. One feature that you may want to insure comes with your welding hood is the grinding mode, which will allow your lense to be set at a lighter share for grinding and plasma cutting applications!

Internal or External Controls?

When choosing a helmet, you have an option for internal and external controls. Typically, we recommend internal controls as you have less chance of breaking them off if the helmet happens to fall. However, some prefer to external controls to quickly adjust the shade levels while welding without the necessity of removing the welding mask to do it internally.

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LONGEVITY auto-darkening welding helmets allow for maximum eye and face protection while give you the fastest response rates. With our Advanced, Professional, Elite, and PowerView Elite series welding masks, we offer response times up to 25000ths of a second powered by 4 sensors! Our helmets are affordable, durable, and rechargeable using UV rays. Also, the batteries are replaceable as well as the lenses.