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  1. MIG Welders (GMAW)
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MIG Welders (GMAW)

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At Longevity, we offer a wide variety of MIG Welders for the welding professionals and enthusiasts from 100 amps for the DIY market to 500 amps for industrial welding. Our MIG Welding lineup features MIG welding machines that are capable of flux-cored welding and gas welding. Our MIG Welders are both 110v and 220v capable depending on the models and some even have PFC to enable welding when combined with a generator or where power stability is a factor.

MIG Welding is often used in both professional and DIY environments and is often considered a faster welding method than TIG welding. With MIG Welding, you have a MIG gun that has either flux cored wire or solid wire being fed through the gun to enable the welding process. With the MIG arc, you are able to control the wire speed and amount of welding wire being fed by the machine to lay down the proper MIG Weld. MIG Welding by far is one of the simpler welding methods to learn and acquire as it’s often referred to as a hot glue gun. If you are looking to get into welding, you will typically start with MIG Welding or Stick Welding with MIG welding being the simpler of the methods between the two.

Check out the Longevity MIGWELD lineup and look for some of the characteristics to determine which machine is right for you. For example, how powerful do you want your MIG welder to be? You can determine the required amps by using our welding calculator and selecting the size of the workpiece you will be welding. One of our most popular selling MIG Welders is our MIGWELD 140 which is an 110v 140 amp MIG Welding machine that is capable of both solid wire welding as well as gasless flux-cored welding and holding a 5KG or 11LB spool with the option of a spool gun, which can hold aluminum wire for aluminum welding.

With our MIGWELD 200S and MIGWELD 252 models, you are getting a MIG welding machine that is not only capable of MIG (GMAW) welding but also doubles as a Stick Welder in one unit. The MIGWELD 200S also enables the user to use a larger size welding wire spool to save on operating costs. The MIGWELD 252 also takes a 15kg or 33lb spool enabling for longer duration welding. Most of the Longevity MIG Welding machines are rated at a 60% duty cycle which means they can operate for longer continuous times than the competitors. Both models are also capable of using a Spool Gun which will allow for welding aluminum.

The Longevity MIGWELD line is proven in the industry and trusted by welding professionals. Our MIGWELD line is focused on MIG welding with the addition of Stick Welding while our MULTIMIG lineup also ads the function of a capable TIG welder with the focus on MIG Welding and their accessories. Our MIG machines are priced competitively to enable both enthusiasts and professionals to experience high quality welding equipment at a reasonable price. With the Longevity Power To Last warranty, you will experience superior support from our staff and the comfort.