FORCECUT 40D40AMP Plasma Cutter with Full Pilot Arc


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MODEL : FORCECUT 40D     PRODUCT # : 880077

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40AMP Plasma Cutter with Full Pilot Arc

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Retail Price: $695.99

Sale Price: $549.99

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Additional 1 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) : $150.00
Additional 2 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor) : $280.00
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Recommended Areas Of Use

  • Welding Repair
  • Motorsports/ Automotive
  • Contstruction/HVAC
  • Fabrication/machine shops

What’s included

  • FORCECUT 40D Unit
  • 10ft. S-45 Plasma Cutting Torch
  • Earth Clamp
  • Built in Water Separator
  • Air Hose for Water Separator Connection
  • 110v/220v Voltage Adapter
  • 3x Piece Tips
  • 3x Piece Electrodes
  • 1x Shield Cup
  • 110v/220v Voltage Adapter
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20-40 Amp Cutting Range

Whether you are cutting thin gauge materials or exotic metals up to 3/4” severance mild steel. The ForceCut® 40D offers superior cutting power for price!

Pilot Arc Technology

 With the ForceCut® 40D plasma cutter, the Pilot Arc system automatically senses loss of voltage, andre-ignites the Pilot Arc allowing for the torch head to maintain an arc when cutting.

Blowback Arc Start

The ForceCut® 40D starts the arc by creating an internal
spark to ignite the plasma arc. By using air pressure to
move the electrode against the nozzle, the ForceCut® 40D creates the arc without any need for high frequency.


Post Flow Cooling Circuit

Protection to extend the life of consumables and the welding torch is enhanced by our post flow circuit that provides shielding gas after you release the trigger.

Front Mounted Regulators and Gauge

LONGEVITY offers easy accessibility by using front mounted regulators and Gauge on the ForceCut® 40D. An easy pull and turn to adjust the air pressure and a push to lock it in is all it takes, no fumbling around to the back to adjust settings. You will be able to see the pressure on the unit.

Digital meters

The ForceCut 40D uses digital meters to allow customers to adjust the unit to any amperage quickly, accurately,and easily.

Dual Input Voltage

This Plasma Cutter weighs in at only 25lbs and can run off 110 or 220 volt making it the ultimate in portability! The ForceCut40D is capable of being hooked up to most portable compressors and generators. The ForceCut® 40Dis lightweight, powerful and more reliable than other units on the market using out-of-date technology.


Thermal Overload Protection

LONGEVITY has included thermal overload protection which informs the user when the duty cycle has been exceeded shutting down the unit in a safe matter until it has been cooled to adequate temperatures to proceed cutting.



110v/220v 50/60hz 1 phase

Severance Cut

3/4” @ 3” per min


Inverter Based

Duty Cycle

60% at 40 amps

Pilot Arc Technology


Starting Mechanism

Blow Back


W: 6”x H: 12”x D:15”












Product Literature :
View FileForceCut 40D Specification Sheet 1.49 MB
View FileNew 40D Manual 650.93 KB



1 year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.

Dual-Voltage Yes Yes Yes with PFC technology No No No
Arc Start HF HF Blow Back HF HF Blow Back
Inverter Type Mosfet Mosfet

Infineon IGBT

Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT Infineon IGBT
Pilot Arc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duty Cycle  35% @ 40 A 35% @ 50 A 40%@40 A 60% @ 60 A 60% @ 80 A 60% @ 100 A
Plasma Output (Amps) 40 A 50 A 40 A 60 A 80 A 100 A
Recommended Maximum Cut Thickness 3" Per minute @ 3/4" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 3/8" Thick Steel
3" Per minute @ 1" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
3" Per minute @ 1" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
3" Per minute @ 1.25" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1.00" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
3" Per Minute @ 3/4" Aluminum
3" Per minute @ 1.75" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1.25" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
3" Per Minute @ 3/4" Aluminum
3" Per minute @ 2 1/2" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 1.25" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
3" Per Minute @ 3/4" Aluminum 6500 Watts
Maximum Severance Cut 3/4" 1" 1" 1 1/8" 1 1/2" 2 1/2"
Recommended Generator Power 5000 Watts 6500 Watts 6500 Watts 7000 Watts 9000 Watts 10,000 Watts


 LONGEVITY 40 AMP Plasma Cutter with Full Pilot Arc.

•    10ft. S-45 Plasma Cutting Torch
•    Ground Clamp
•    Built In Air/Water Separator
•    Gas Hose
•    3x Piece Tips
•    3x Piece Electrodes
•    1x Shield Cup





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1 year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.

Cuts good after I replaced gun Review by Ben
The gun quit working in less than a year, longevity techs told me the gun was not covered under warranty. I bought a new gun from different manufacture for half the price. (Posted on Nov 11,2015)

ForceCut 40d Review by Craig
Ordered the ForceCut 40d from Amazon for an EXCELLENT price. I have been looking at competitor models in the same specification and price range, but because the price was so low I had to jump on it.

The item was received in excellent condition, packed very well. I promptly removed the barbed air fitting on the back and put in a 1/4 quick connect for my compressor - I kind of think this would be a standard, but I have plenty of them laying around. I noticed the pin for the bottom of the air dryer was lying in the bowl... I opened the bowl and dropped the pin in, but there was no retaining clip. Luckily I came up with something that works.

I plugged the machine in to standard 110v outlet, connected my air supply and promptly elongated some holes on a set of aluminum brackets I needed for a lift kit - it worked flawlessly. I grabbed a piece of 3/16 metal stock and started making cuts. After 30 seconds I was cutting like a pro - I have never used one before but have done quite a bit of research and reading. This thing is amazing and should have bought one years ago.

Finished my lift kit and decided to take some old horseshoes and make a coat rack. On 110volts it cut right through a standard steel horseshoe. For heaver items I will connect it up to my 220v on the generator as in the garage my only 220v is a 50 amp circuit... I am not going to modify it, the generator will power it more than easily.

For never using one before and this being my only exposure to a plasma cutter I am more than satisfied. It seems like it will do more than I want. Time will tell on the durability of the unit.

I gave it 5-stars based on the ease of use and customer service response on asking some questions. If you are thinking of buying one I say go for it, you can't go wrong.

Not a CON - The ONLY suggestion I would make is a quick connect fitting on the back and supply a chart on suggested amperage to use on metal thickness/type. (Posted on Jan 28,2015)

Good deal Review by Paul
Great machine for the diy kind of guy thing works great I'm loving this new toy (Posted on Jun 23,2014)

forcecut 40d Review by Tyler
The 40d is a great tool for any fabricator. its duel voltage option further destroys the safety of any metal that needs to be cut. it is light so taking it to a buddy's garage is easy and quick.

The cd and instructions that come in the box are about useless not much info in either. The chipping hammer wire brush thing it cute but also worthless. Customer support is one of the best out there.

overall I am very happy with the Forcecut 40D, its well built and works very smooth on 1/2 steel plate. i would suggest getting the roller stand off guide for the s45 torch, its very handy on long cuts. (Posted on Mar 07,2014)

forcecut 40d Review by Logan
Overall a pretty good little plasma cutter! (Posted on Nov 28,2013)

Great machine Review by Mark
Nice small machine, as long as you have and air supply, you can use it anywhere that has electric. The 110/220 volt adapter cord supplied makes it a plug and play unit.
The instruction manual included needs to have some more information for setup, as far as cutting.

It would be nice to see a chart of amperage and air pressure settings for initial setup for cutting.

Overall, this is a great, well priced piece of equipment. (Posted on Oct 17,2013)

Nice cutter for the price Review by Ben
I am glad that bought this cutter. It is lightweight and powerful machine convenient for cutting different materials. The Longevity customer service is good. I did not experience any problem with delivery and product conditions
(Posted on Apr 26,2013)

Superior cutting power Review by Mike
When I started using this machine I got satisfied with its cutting power. Pilot Arc and post flow cooling extend consumables life while cutting. Dual voltage adds to portability and is useful for me. It is safe and easily regulated welding machine.
(Posted on Apr 24,2013)

FORCECUT 40D Review by McElroy
Comfortable middle size cutter, adjustable amperage, comes with a cutting torch, ground clamp, water separator, hose, another hose, spare fuse, and tips and electrodes - 3 of each.
Done, ordered, thanks. I've heard several positive comments about this new business. Waiting for delivery. Five stars for now for product availability and customer service, will get back to you again if any trouble occurs. (Posted on Apr 13,2013)

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does the forcecut 40d have a built in air compressor ?
1 Answer
Posted On: 12/14/13 By: thomas cleland
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A :<p>No it does not. However, you do not want a plasma with one built in. They are not reliable, leak, and are often weak. Any air compressor outside will work with this machine even if it is a small one. You do not want the chance of a leak inside the plasma.</p>

Posted On: 1/29/14By: admin