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20-40 Amp Cutting Range

The ForceCut® 42i only weighs 36lbs. and runs off 110/220v 1 phase voltage making this unit the most portable plasma cutters on the market for its power. The ForceCut® 42i offers quality cutting of up to .78” (20mm) and rough cuts of up to .98”(25mm)!

Digital meters

 The ForceCut 42i uses digital meters to allow customers to adjust the unit to any amperage quickly, accurately, and easily.

Built In Air Filter And Regulator

Built in gas/air filter and regulator provides air filtration of airborne particles to keep the ForceCut 42i cutting clean and efficiently.

Thermal Overload Protection

LONGEVITY has included thermal overload protection which informs the user when the duty cycle has been exceeded shutting down the unit in a safe matter until ithas been cooled to adequate temperatures to proceed cutting.

Pilot Arc Technology

With the ForceCut® 42i plasma cutter, the Pilot Arc system automatically senses loss of voltage, auto-ignites the Pilot Arc allowing for the torch head to maintain an arc when cutting.

Blowback Arc Start/ CNC Ready

The ForceCut® 42i starts the arc by creating an internal spark to ignite the plasma arc. By using air pressure to move the electrode against the nozzle, the ForceCut® 42i creates the arc without any need for high frequency. This allows for easier CNC table integration without the worry of interference.

Efficient IGBT Inverter Technology

IGBT technology has taken the welding industry to newlevels. It gives us the ability to offer smaller units that weigh less while increasing efficiency.


95v-270v 50/60hz 1 phase

PFC Auto-Voltage

Severance Cut

1” @ 5” per min


IGBT Inverter Based

Duty Cycle

25% at 40amps

Pilot Arc Technology


Starting Mechanism

Blowback Start


W: 8”x H: 15”x D:18”


36 lbs







  • LONGEVITY 40AMP IGBT Plasma Cutter with 20ft.Plasma Torch
  • PT-60 Full Continuous Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Torch-14ft Lead
  • Earth Clamp
  • Consumables: 1 piece tip, 1 piece electrode, 1 shield cup, 1 swirl ring on torch
  • 110v/220v Voltage Adapter
  • Tig
  • Mig
  • Stick
  • Multiprocess
  • Plasma
  • CNC
  • Consumables
  • Welding Armor
  • General
  • Setup
<li>Welding Repair</li>
<li>Motorsports/ Automotive</li>
<li> Contstruction/HVAC</li>
<li> Commercial maintenance</li>
<li> Fabrication/machine shops</li>


Three year Warranty, parts and labor. Please take a look at our terms and policy page for detailed warranty information on this unit.