Plasma Cutters

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Longevity has been manufacturing professional plasma cutting equipment for enthusiasts and professionals for over a decade. Our plasma cutter machines powerful, portable, and reliable. The ForceCut series plasma cutter has been battle-tested in the welding market, on CNC machine tables, and has proven to provide quality cuts at thicknesses over 2 inches. Longevity Plasma Cutters range from 40 amps to 100 amps and provide a Pilot Arc function to cut expanded metals as well as enabling the user to have an easy arc strike.

With Longevity ForceCut plasma cutting equipment, you will experience powerful cutting capacity, stable and strong arc, as well as less slag from your metal piece that was cut. Longevity Plasma Cutters are able to gouge, pierce, as well as severe cut any piece of metal including aluminum and operate from any air compressor with a minimum of 70 PSI and 3.0 CFM. What this means is you can use any air compressor from a small-sized portable to a large shop compressor to operate our plasma cutting machines.

Longevity Plasma Cutters have been put to the test against some of the bigger premium priced brands, and with independent testing results have shown to be superior in every facet including plasma cutter consumables life, cutting capacity, cutting speed, and pricing.

Plasma Cutters are a considered to be the cleanest way of cutting metal. With a plasma cutter, the travel speed of cutting is much faster, the cleanup is far less compared to an Oxy-Acetylene gas cutting torch and the efficiency is much improved. In addition to having a better tool to cut metal, with plasma cutting the cost of operation is far less not only in the plasma cutter consumables life but also with the time that you are saving not having to deal with the end product cleanup.

Another benefit of plasma cutters is the fact that they are capable of creating custom parts and take your production to higher levels of fabrication when connected to CNC Tables. Longevity Plasma Cutters are fully compatible with CNC tables and allow for hassle free integration with a CNC port on the back of most models. When connected to a CNC table, the cutting is precise and smooth. If you are looking to add our plasma cutter to a CNC table, we suggest getting a larger capacity plasma cutter that is capable of cutting thicker materials because it will cut thinner materials at a faster rate.

Longevity Plasma Cutters also utilize the Blow Back Pilot Arc start feature on most models. What that means to the end-user is the fact that our plasma cutting technology will not interfere with any CNC tables or with any frequency sensitive equipment or apparatuses. With Blow Back start, you can safely fire the plasma cutter around delicate equipment including computers, heart pacers, and work in areas that are prone to electronic sensitivity without the worry of damaging any equipment.

Want to try a Longevity Plasma Cutter? Longevity offers a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the plasma cutter you order from us does not fit your needs or does not over-deliver on your expectations, we will take it back! Longevity plasma cutters have been manufactured for over a decade with thousands of satisfied customers!