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  1. Longevity MigWeld 100 Self Shielded Flux Core Arc Welder, Plenty of Spark for the Price

    The Longevity MigWeld 100 is a simple machine to set up and operate. In just a matter of a few minutes we could be out-of-the-box and making sparks from your first weld. Intended for the do-it-yourself hobbyist or light steel fabrication, this is a great entry-level wire feeder machine for somebody who wants to explore the field of welding. Use of the self shielded wire eliminates the need or expense for shielding gas, hoses or a regulator. Weighing in at less than 40 pounds, you can transport this right to the place the work needs to be done. The fact it operates on 120 volts also adds to the possibilities of locations you could weld with this machine. With 100 amps at a 20% duty cycle, it should tackle most of your light steel fabrication needs. Joining 22ga sheet metal up to 3/16" plate can help when dreaming up your next project.  Straight out of the box, it has everything to get you started plugging up holes in plate without leaving a big hole in your wallet. 

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  2. Gloves and Hand Protection for Welding

    In the world of welding, besides our eyes our hands are the most important tools we have in our personal tool bag. Taking care of our hands is just as important as taking care of her eyes so, just like we need to have the proper safety glasses on our face, we need to have the proper gloves on our hands as well. Before we pick out the proper gloves, we need to make sure we understand the potential hazards that there could be, so we understand what they should protect us from. ANSI Z49.1 contains information about personal protective equipment and other safety gear in and around the welding and cutting industry. 

    The hazards to our hands in the welding world are numerous. We can have our hand smashed or crushed if they get caught or pinched between two objects. We can cut our hands from exposure to sharp edges and other jagged surfaces. We can burn our hands from red hot metal, sparks and other hot flying metal. Gloves also protect our hands from the bright light and

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