The Longevity MigWeld 100 is a simple machine to set up and operate. In just a matter of a few minutes we could be out-of-the-box and making sparks from your first weld. Intended for the do-it-yourself hobbyist or light steel fabrication, this is a great entry-level wire feeder machine for somebody who wants to explore the field of welding. Use of the self shielded wire eliminates the need or expense for shielding gas, hoses or a regulator. Weighing in at less than 40 pounds, you can transport this right to the place the work needs to be done. The fact it operates on 120 volts also adds to the possibilities of locations you could weld with this machine. With 100 amps at a 20% duty cycle, it should tackle most of your light steel fabrication needs. Joining 22ga sheet metal up to 3/16" plate can help when dreaming up your next project.  Straight out of the box, it has everything to get you started plugging up holes in plate without leaving a big hole in your wallet. 

This unit comes complete with a constant voltage power source with an integral wire feeder. The gun and work clamp use the included spool of self shielded flux core wire to make the sparks, smoke and welds. Protect your eyes from the arc light using the included handheld welding helmet or let your friends or family look over your shoulder to see what's going on . With one screw we quickly install the handle on the top of the case. With a small wrench for maintenance and some extra contact tips we should be able to knock out our next light steel welding task. 

Having a chart of suggested settings right inside the lid makes for easy reference when making welds on different thicknesses of steel. The controls are easy to operate and understand. A lighted toggle switch controls the power turning it on or off. A toggle switch for voltage adjusts between the minimum and maximum amount. The wire feed speed knob adjusts the speed of the wire to make the it burn off clean and smooth. A fault light indicates internal issues that need service or the fact that we have overworked the machine beyond it's rated duty cycle. Other than squeezing the trigger and putting on our welding hood on, there's not really much more to adjust to make the weld. With the chart inside of the lid as your basic guide, make adjustments as needed to achieve a smooth crisp arc. 

When using any MIG welder or Flux Core Arc Welding machine, we should make small adjustments to our settings and then make another test weld to see the results of the adjustment. Having clean material free of rust, paint, oil or other debris is key to your  welding quality. Maintaining the proper stick out, electrode angle, and travel speed is critical to get a quality weld using any Flux Core Arc Welding process. Practice and experimentation are your best tools when learning how to weld. 

Using the self shielded Flux Core Arc Welding wire produces a significant amount of gas, smoke and fumes. Take care that you have the proper ventilation in the area where you plan on using the MigWeld 100. ANSI Z49.1 is a great reference for safety information in the area of welding and cutting. Making sure that area you plan on welding this spark safe is also a key thing to think about when selecting your work location.

The flux cord arc welding process produces significant amount of sparks that if left alone can travel a long distance. Having a fire extinguishing the area is always a good idea when doing any type of welding. 

Check out the Longevity website ( or YouTube channel ( for more details and information about the MigWeld 100 and other equipment for different welding and cutting processes. Longevity has the right machine for your exact application, so take a look and choose what is the best fit for your materials, product and needs.