Parts and Accessories

  1. Gloves and Hand Protection for Welding

    In the world of welding, besides our eyes our hands are the most important tools we have in our personal tool bag. Taking care of our hands is just as important as taking care of her eyes so, just like we need to have the proper safety glasses on our face, we need to have the proper gloves on our hands as well. Before we pick out the proper gloves, we need to make sure we understand the potential hazards that there could be, so we understand what they should protect us from. ANSI Z49.1 contains information about personal protective equipment and other safety gear in and around the welding and cutting industry. 

    The hazards to our hands in the welding world are numerous. We can have our hand smashed or crushed if they get caught or pinched between two objects. We can cut our hands from exposure to sharp edges and other jagged surfaces. We can burn our hands from red hot metal, sparks and other hot flying metal. Gloves also protect our hands from the bright light and

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  2. Welding machines and welding equipment

    Every commercial welder will tell you that the welding equipment consists of various welding machines that are used in different situations and for performing different welding tasks. In general one welding machine can be absolutely perfect for a certain welding task, but absolutely impossible to use for another welding job.

    There are plenty of good welding machines available on the market and a lot of Arc Welders For Sale and Mig Welders For Sale. There are also many options when one wants to Buy Plasma Cutters, for example. The truth is that every welder has its preferences and opinion about which is the best welding equipment available on the market. So, how can you choose? Which welding machine will turn out to be what you want?

    In fact, the market today offers welding equipment that is modern, new and good. In general, of someone goes out and buys a welding machine from the big companies and reputable brands, one will make a good deal as the welding equipment will

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  3. Basic Power Tools Used in Welding

    Along with the basic set of hand tools, power tools are keys to success when working in and around our welding industry. This article is intended to cover some of the more popular tools and is not intended to be a list of all power tools in our welding industry. Power tools usually come in two forms. One is electric and the other one is air powered.

    Depending upon our location and what we have access to, each one has its unique and best application. If electrical power is readily available and extension cord is handy many folks tend to move in the direction of electric tools. On the other hand, in a large shop were compressed air may be piped out through the plant, air tools may be a more economical way to approach power tool usage.

    One of the very basic power tools we use in our welding industry are grinders of all types. These can be small or large handheld grinders powered by electricity or air. There may be electric powered bench grinders

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  4. Basic Hand Tools for the Welders Toolbox

    Just like with most of the skilled trades, a skilled welder needs to have some basic hand tools to help them succeed in their trade. This is not intended to be a complete list but just an example of some of the important tools some welders find useful having in their own personal toolbox.

    Some type ofstandard level or the smaller torpedo level is a handy tool to have to make sure things are level and plumb. In most situations the longer the level, the more accurate it will be.

    Some type of square, a framing square or combination square is also a nice item to have. This will help us layout items at 90° and 45° if using the combination square.

    A ball peen hammer with a center punch and a cold chisel also comes in handy in layout work and for breaking tack welds. The center punches handy for laying out holes or important marks on metal. The cold chisel can also help to remove spatter and other prep work in and around the weld.

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  5. Primary Hand Tools For a Welders Tool Kit

    Primary Hand Tools for a Welder’s Tool Kit

    Like in all skilled trades, an experienced welder to needs to have certain primary hand tools so that they may succeed in their area of work. This is by no means a full-fledged list but just a few of the essential tools that welder will find useful to have in his kit in the course of his work. Some kind of standard level or the little torpedo level can turn out to be quite handy tool to ensure that factors are plump and level.

    In most circumstances, the lengthier the level is the more accurate will the result be. Some kind of a framing square, a combination square, or a square will also prove to be handy if you have it in your tool box. It will make it easy to layout objects at 90° and at 45° in case a combination square is being utilized. Two other tools which will prove to be handy for smashing tack welds and in layout work would be a cold chisel and a ball peen hammer with a center punch.

    Center pun

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