Helmets & Welding Protection

  1. Head Safety and the Role of Personal Protective Equipment in Welding Industry

    Head Safety and the Role of Personal Protective Equipment in Welding Industry

    Biologically, the head is one of most intricate structures in the human body. It is a complicate cluster of many organs altogether including eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skull. All sensory functions of the body are controlled by the head. Therefore, a human head is significantly responsible for all day-to-day functioning of the body.

    Considering the importance of this crucial part of the body - protecting head is given utmost attention at all hazardous workplaces. In welding industry, as technology is rising evidently, engineers and equipment manufacturers have designed an assortment of head protectants for the welders in order to ensure their workplace safety. All the high-end personal protective equipment (PPE) are primarily manufactured to give a sense of easiness and comfort to the welders. This is why, there is a noticeable downfall

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  2. Safety Glasses and Eye Protection in Welding Environments

    Safety glasses are the most important thing we can wear in the welding environment. Safety glasses or a long-term insurance policy on the health and welfare of your vision. Without proper vision, being a welding operator or welder can be a very difficult challenge.

    Making sure that we protect our eyes and get them checked out by an eye doctor on a frequent basis is the best thing you can do to insure your long-term eye health. ANSI  Z49.1 provides information about health and safety in the welding and cutting industries. ANSI Z87.1 is what we want to find on the side, frames or lens of our safety glasses. This ensures that they meet the minimum standards suggested by industry experts and government standards.

    Our eyes are exposed to many hazards in the welding environment. Bright light, flying metal, hot objects, dust and airborne contaminants are but only a few of the eye hazards that we might be exposed to in the welding environment. Making

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