When we go to the grocery store to purchase food, certain items we expect to have packaging around them to maintain their freshness or preserve their condition. The same is true of the filler metals that we use in all different types of welding processes. Just like the packaging and seal that is on food items that protects them from tampering or spoiling our welding filler metal should have safeguards to keep them clean and secure as well. There are many things that can happen to filler metal from the time it's manufactured to the time you use it. Damage can occur if the filler metal is not packaged or protected.

Sometimes a lot can be said about the filler metal quality based on the quality of the packaging that we see around it. Cheap and inexpensive filler metals will have little to no packaging or moisture barrier. Quality filler metals, on the other hand, will have good packaging and protection both in the area of damage protection and moisture protection. If

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