Stick welders are considered old-fashioned today. But that doesn't mean they are out. Even though MIG welders are becoming a choice tool for fabrication needs nowadays, there are certain things a stick welder continues to be better at.

Here are 5 reasons that you should still keep one around.

Stick welders are great in tight spots

MIG guns are wide. And that makes them less than ideal for tight corners. Even TIG welders are no use with their electrode and filler metal issues.

A stick welder on the other hand, has a narrow electrode which makes it the perfect choice in these situations.

MIG welders are regularly among the top sellers because they are easy to use and create clean, strong welds. MIG welders are great for anything from a household project, to a car repair, to a series of fabrication jobs in a welding shop. However, stick welders used to be the standard machine for most welding jobs. Is there a reason to keep an old-fashioned stick welder around?

Stick Welders are good in a variety of locations

MIG and TIG welders are too be heavy to carry around. Portability is not their strong suit.

For outdoor use, nothing beats the stick welder with its ease of use and portability. Its light enough to carry around and doesn't need shielding gas that can be clown by the wind. It remains the ideal tool for farmers.

Low prep time for stick welders

Not all types of welding jobs require the weld to look perfect. Sometimes all you need is to strike an arc with your stick welder. Sometimes you want to use it for grinding and sanding purpose only.

With a stick welder you can give be super efficient. This can also help bring costs down. The trick is knowing which projects require stick welding only.

Avail Savings on Material Costs

A MIG welder has so many components such as torch tips, nozzle gel, shielding gas, and electrode spools.

In comparison a stick welder uses simpler components, an electrode clipped into pliers on a buzz box.

If that wasn't enough, TIG welding requires a shielding gas, filler metal and an electrode.

So for cost savings, sticker welders are the best.

Electrode Variety

One edge stick welder have over others is that it allows for a variety of electrode choices. That means that stick welders have pretty versatile applications be it making smooth welds, more penetration, rust burning, downhill welding, etc.

It is clear as today. Stick welders are here to stay.