A Study of the Pros and Cons of CNC Plasma Cutter

The plasma cutters are those that are normally utilized for cutting metals and the procedure for cutting have been endorsed in the 70s which has some advantages too. Given below is a list of both the Pros and Cons of the equipment used for CNC plasma cutting.

The Pros:

The Speed Factor: It is possible to immediately cut the torch since the hazard of preheating is not required. The speed of the cutter will depend on the parts of the laser cutter equipment that you have.

Flexibility: A plasma cutter is able to easily cut through metals having a thickness as of even 6 inches. During a procedure, it is able to pierce and even show beveling and cutting.

It is Accurate: Since the entire software required are paired off flawlessly and is exact, too much cutting operations are not needed. A clean and perfect cutting job is done by the torch head.

An Excellent Cut Quality: Since it lessens the dross the edges will be of high quality. With a tight cutting torch and software, you can end up with a top class product.

Easy and Simple to Use: In case the Lathe CNC machine ever lets you down, with the CNC software at hand, the problem can be easily overcome. With the excellent offers that come with the package, operators are sure to have a fantastic time trying them out.

It is Perfectly Safe: The greatest advantage of the system is sure to be the down-draft method of the smoke from the operator.

The Cons

It’s Tough Edges: The plasma cutter produces heat on the region of hard edges and the metals to be cut.

The Dross: There is ample number of plasma cutters which produces dross on the rim of the cut which is required to be cut which amounts to minimizing its performance.

The Cost Factor: The more expensive the plasma cutter, the better will be its performance, allowing you to cut that much faster. So it is not the cost of the plasma cutter alone that should be taken into account but also of its overall maintenance.

If you invest in low cost plasma cutters, you may not have a good quality cut. It may be of sub-standard quality and may not even have the life that you were expecting from it. Though it may appear to be fine, you may end up wasting your hard earned money.

If you are trying to compare different types of cutting in CNC Machine Milling, you must consider the plasma cutter too. It will make the cutting machine worth the cash you invested in it. There are other cons to consider before buying a cutter. So think well before investing in a cutter.