Welding is not an easy job and every commercial welder will confirm you that. The welding tasks, no matter if they require usage of filler rods, tig welders or plasma cutters, stick welder or plasma welder they all require full commitment of the energy, attention and focus.

This means that the welder should be 100 % concentrated in the task one performs and to make his or hers hand and wrist totally relaxed. Of course everything comes with practice and that is why the new people in the welding profession require not only a welding certificate taken after two years of study, but also a lot of hours actually welding different things and practicing.

The good commercial welders know that in order to become true professionals they need to make their hand relaxed and to watch the weld pool. This is especially important when performing mig welding but is also valid when practicing aluminum welding, cutting torch, metal cutting and metal welding, steel welding, etc.

Those people who are new at welding practices and are now learning how to weld, should master how to run a good and straight stringer bead with proper fusion into the steel. Then the wanna be commercial welders and industrial welders should learn how to make re-starts.

This is an activity during which the welder starts at the end of the crater and then is working back into the direction of the weld before he or she is processing back into the welding direction. The next thing to practice is the tie-ins activity where the welder runs half way into ta previous bead and thus makes the two beads one grasshopper.

It will be very good for each welder to get practice at black iron plans where one can master the arc welding processes. A lot of information is provided at the Arc Welding Forum yet the most important of all is the actual practice.

Of course, the welders can sign up at the Iron Workers union where their rights will be preserved. They should know however that whichever welding processes they apply and regardless of the welding equipment they use, no matter whether they are working in the field or in a plant, underwater or at a high rise building construction site, they should always follow the safety regulations.