Just like that well warn pair of shoes, all of us have that special tool or piece of welding equipment that has some special meaning,some connection or attachment to our past. Sometimes that tool or equipment was also connected to a technology that has long ago been left in the dust, by newer ways, improved methods, different approaches or even newer technology.

Welding equipment, is just like the cars we drive. While that '57 Chevy, '66 Pontiac GTO or that '73 Olds Omega may get us to grandma's house and back, the gas mileage compared to the newest hybrid technology car will be vastly different. It will cost us more to maintain and get parts for our older car than a new one that is under warranty.

The same parallels exist with our welding power sources. That old red Tombstone you have converted into a bootleg TIG welder, or the blue buzz box from the flea market or garage sale, will make a bright light and get the metal hot, but sometimes when the metal cools and the light is just a memory, the results sometimes are not what we wanted.

The skill of the welder is not always to blame. Sometimes the equipment is not up to the task, no better that the '57 Chevy is prepared to take a modern day smog check required in many areas. Just like the new car gets better mileage, you can get better welds with new equipment if you are using old equipment. You may also be able to increase speed and do it with less power from utility too, saving money you currently spend.

The welding power source in your facility, if of the older transform style, is not very efficient in converting the power from the utility into power for welding as opposed to the newer inverter power sources. Electricity is the fuel of every arc welding machine. Remember the fuel efficiency of the automobile? Just as the '57 Chevy was the best we could do in 1957, that old transformer technology is something from the same era or before. Converting more power we buy into more power to weld can pay for it in short order. People refer to this as Power Efficiency.

This can be the greatest financial benefit we see from leaving the old transformer machines and upgrading to inverters. The savings can be significant based on duty cycle and amount of use over time. Longevity offers a wide range of inverter style welding power sources.

Sometimes we may find that our service for our shop is maxed out. The lower input requirements in the area of Power Efficiency and lower resistive circuitry in the inverter power source can allow us to possibly add equipment, we never thought we could if the more inefficient equipment is unplugged from the system.

Some of the new technology may produce comparable results run on 120V power, when older transformers would only run on 220V or more. Each circuit and location has its own unique requirements, but it may be possible to expand when you did not think it was possible. Longevity offers inverter welding machines with flexibility to run on 120V and 220V with internal auto sensing capability.

GTAW welding is one of the greatest benefactors of the increase in power source technology. Before, AC TIG was held to 60hz power because that is what the utility supplied. With new technology we can increase the frequency to several hundred cycles per second. The pulsing technology is another example of positive changes made by this newer inverter power sources.

The microprocessor technology imbedded  in the units that allow for programming, memory, interfacing with automation, robotics and CNC equipment is but another example of advances of welding power source technology. We can make GTAW welds today that were unheard of in the area of quality just a few years ago. Longevity has equipment to meet your every welding need.

It you got some of those old dogs laying around your shop or business, time to teach them a new trick. Consider looking at that old friend that you have in your shop, that friend you have made so many welds with, and consider a distinguished retirement. Upgrading your current equipment to new machines may be just what the welding doctor ordered.

Check out the Longevity website (www.longevity-inc.com) or YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/longevitywelding) for more details and information about equipment for different welding and cutting processes. Longevity has the right machine for your exact application, so take a look and choose what is the best fit for your materials, product and needs.