MIG welding is now quite a popular form of welding and many people now know and recognize the term. May be this is so because of the Monster House of Jesse James or the American Chopper and the rest of the cable TV shows that are referring to hot Filler Rods, Mig Welding Equipment, etc.

This attention to the MIG Welding has resulted in many new MIG welders and commercial welders, but also in the enthusiasm of different people who decided to use mig welding practices in their shops and garages. In general, the MIG welding is not hard to learn and the materials are quite affordable to buy. That is why many people, of course including industrial welders and commercial welders, are now striking arcs and learning how to burn.

There is something that we should say about the safety or rather about the lack of safety on many of these shows. The people who have decided to do some MIG Welding should know that grinding should always be done with eye protection. Besides that, the commercial welders should always wear welding gloves, etc.

The bad safety practices including work with no gloves and with not fastened work piece is wrong. The commercial welders and the industrial welders, as well as all those people who wish to practice MIG welding at home should understand that it takes just one second for an injury to happen. If the person is smart enough, one will never make a MIG welding without glasses to protect one’s eyes from metal splashes or ultra violet rays and radiation.

If you are an amateur and what to have a MIG welding hobby shop, tone should have a certain number of tools and Mig Welding Equipment. Which are they?

Mig Welding Machine – this should be a well thought out decision. You can buy online or from a local supplier. The online purchase can save you money, however you must buy the equipment from a reputable welding supply store. The Mig Welding Machine should come with leads (Mig Gun / Work Clamp) and a power chord.

Shielding Gas Bottle – in case you use flux core you will not need a bottle, however if you are doing MIG welding, then you will need shielding gas bottle. It secures splatter, deep penetration and good looking bead.

Mig Pliars – they are good for cutting the wire and for removal of the spatter from the nozzle.

The rest of the things required are a pair of welding gloves, a wire brush, an anti spatter, a chipping hammer for the flux core.