Many commercial welders today are employed in the process of maintenance and repair welding rather than in any other sphere of the welding industry. In other words there is a serious need of multiprocess welders who can perform various repair services and maintenance jobs. In fact, it should be mentioned here that the earliest usage of the welding processes was to repair different items.

As arc welders know, the success of a repair depends on the preparation that is done before the actual doing of the work. The good stick welder takes all the factors into consideration before starting the welding process.

In general, the multiprocess welder makes a detailed analysis, checking the repairs made and the service life of the part that is repaired. The stick welders can use this detailed method to analyze the welding job that has to be done. The four main points that the multiprocess welder has to take into consideration include:

- Making a very detailed examination of the parts that need to be repaired.
- Getting information about the specifications and design.
- Checking the materials that have been used until now.
- Listing the facts why the certain part failed.

With some of the welding equipment, the repair welding is not possible or can be done with prior approval only. For example, some containers and part of the transport equipment should not be repaired through welding. Among these items are the car wheels, the truck frames, the compressed gas cylinders, etc. Multiprocess welders can repair this machinery only if that is approved in advance by the insurance companies.

For some items the plasma cutters will get no approval. For others, they will receive a written procedure concerning the welding which they have to follow. Certain attention is needed when welding repairs are done on pressure vessels and on boilers. In general, the welding repairs are limited to the steels which are known to have welding nature.