Updated and Latest Welding Apps for Phones and Tablets

If you are someone who likes to find out all about the latest apps that are being introduced, let me help you with your search for welding apps. Here are some of the newly updated and latest welding apps for people interested in this field, that you will find real handy which is available in the App Store or/and Android Market (now called Google Play).

Weld Design

Weld Design – Android

Permits and helps you to calculate whether a weld has enough strength in both 2D and 3D.

Structural/Civil App that Bundles Tools related to Welding

Gives information about all kinds of electrodes (Stick, FCAW, TIG)

All calculations (Unity check and combined stress)

Calculates MIG wire speed

Cost: FREE

Main screen is new

The 3D calculator is replaced with a 2D calculator

The long lines in the information segment is now properly and clearly displayed

Welding Educators Resource - Android

A description of the Welding Educators Resource: “Initiated by the National Center for Welding Education and Training, Weld-Ed’s “Educators Resource Guide” is an effective and helpful tool to swiftly access the extensive and repeated updated cache of all data of the welding industry and for learning about the resources that can be availed through www.Weld-Ed.org.

This app is an invaluable tool for Welding Educators since it features most of the important links to Weld-Ed publications, promotional and training videos, white papers, industry reports, curriculum guides, career information, news, event calendars, market studies and other significant contact information for the Weld-d business, educational, industry, government and institutional partners nationwide.”

Cost: FREE

No new updates

ShopFloorTalk – Android

ShopFloorTalk is a discussion forum for anyone who is interested in welding, machining, fabricating and general metal works of any kind.

It caters to everyone who find welding interesting – from professionals, to hobbyists to the most inexperienced metal enthusiast who is interested in taking it up as a hobby. Though the membership is ideally suited to help amateurs to start off in their field, our master craftsmen and professionals exchange special tricks of their trades and skills in a wide range of ideas.

Cost: FREE

Most Recent Update: Version 1.3.9

Various Bug Fixes

Add Thanks support for the supported forum types

Fix issue with myBB inline attachment code being incorrect

Add “Remote Thumbnailer” option (default off) which permit you to utilize the thumbnailer to speed up the threads thumbnail downloads. There are chances of your forum not supporting this.

Add support for google analytic tracking via API

Adds option to upload JPG vs the PNG attachments (default to JPG)