Becoming a commercial welder is what many people want, however there are yet much more people that would be good at that profession and yet they do not know it yet. Welding is being taught at schools and special courses and those young men that want to make a career in commercial welding or industrial welding first have to earn a structural welding certificate and be taken on the construction site or in the field.

Welding is a profession that is paid well, gives the workers a lot of freedom and has many advantages which appeal to those people who do not see themselves working from nine until five for five days in the week. At the same time learning how to weld and be good at that is not easy and the job is associated with a lot of risk and dangers.

The welders can work on many sites including repair shops, black iron plants, fields, etc. They will be better off in case they have joined the International Association of Bridge Structural, Ornamental and Re-Enforcing Iron Workers, which will protect their rights.

Many commercial welders and industrial welders prefer to work on big construction sites where there is a superintendent who is in charge of the entire job and the different trades. The tasks performed by the iron workers are usually connected by the raising gang that unloads the steel and hooks them to the crane and the plumbing gang which takes care of the connectors and align the beams horizontally. The industrial welding job is then connected to the bolt-up gang which sets the remaining bolts, tightening them to a specific rating set by the engineers.

And then comes the welding gang, where industrial welders have to perform different welding activities. The welders are welding each bolted connection, making it solid. Sometimes the structural welding jobs require setting of brackets and still angles on the elevators, as well as other small jobs that are required by the contractor.

Unless the commercial welders or the industrial welders are working inside a construction site or a plant, then the weather plays a great role in the welders activities. The rainy days are not good for the welders as if the welding gloves get wet, it is very easy for the welder to get shocked especially of one is putting the filler rods into the stinger. Yes, the welder will not get paid for a day one is not welding, yet better stay at home on the rainy days.