In general cases, acdc tig welders are used in environments that can be controlled. The commercial welders are usually working in factories, but they can also be found in repair shops, in the open air locations, as well as underwater. They can also work in the space.

When a commercial welder should work in an open air location to repair something outside or to do some work on a construction site, then the process that is most often used is the shielded metal arc welding.

When working outside, commercial welders cannot use welding processes with inert gases since the weather conditions and the atmospheric movements can be unpredictable. A research in the Arc Welding Forum will prove you that shielded metal arc welding can also be used for welding underwater when ships and various offshore platforms have to be repaired.

Since 1970’s welding in outer space is also possible when were made tests with metal arc welding, plasma arc welding, and electron beam welding. Nowadays are being made tests for using resistance welding, laser beam welding and friction welding.

Mig welding equipment and plasma cutting equipment might soon be used in the construction of space stations, joining space parts right there in the space.

Every Commercial Welder knows however that the welding process can be very dangerous in case no precautions are properly taken. Thanks to the new Plasma Cutters For Sale, Mig and Arc Welders For Sale, as well as the modern Mig Welding Equipment, as well as the protection from welding gloves and helmets, the risk of injuries and death caused by welding is seriously reduced.

As most of the welding processes require flame or an open electric arc, there are serious risks of fire or burns. Thus, we say that the Commercial Welding is a hot work process. That is why in order to prevent an injury, the welders need to have and use equipment for personal protection. Commercial and industrial welders should wear jackets with long sleeves, welding gloves and helmets during welding.

The welders should also protect their eyes to prevent flash burns during which the retina or their eyes can burn. In order for the nearby people and trespassers to be protected, usually the welding area is surrounded by welding curtains. These curtains are translucent, being made of a plastic film of polyvinyl chloride and they protect the people from the electric wire UV light. Even so, these curtains can not be used instead of the filter glass that is imbedded in the helmets.