The process of plasma arc welding is quite popular with the commercial welders. In fact, as every good commercial welder knows, the plasma arc welding has a wide range of applications. The process of plasma arc welding can slowly start an arc to some small components and to the tip of wires and proceed with making welds that are repeatable and come with short periods of welding. Commercial welders confirm that this is quite to the advantage when the welding components are wires, needles, probes, thermocouples, light bulb filaments, as well as surgical instruments.

When the commercial welder has to work with electronic components or with various medical instruments that are hermetically sealed or are sealed through welding, then the plasma process gives them the chance to weld close to the delicate seals, to reduce the heat input and to start the arc without the high frequency electrical noise as it could damage the internal parts of the electrical device.

In general, the repair and the welding industry try to assist the companies that want to reuse the components that have sight dents from wear or misuse. The commercial welders today can start an arc with low amperage and can make the necessary repairs. This option offers the users an alternative to the typically used heat treatment and conventional repair. The micro plasma welding process and the micro TIC welding process are used in tool and mold repairs. If there are outside edges then the plasma arc process offers stability of the arc and control over the weld puddle. When there are inside corners, the TIG process allows for extension of the tungsten welding electrode, which improves the process.