As commercial welders say, there are many benefits and features associated with the plasma arc welding. Operating with Plasma Cutter Consumables and Plasma Cutters For Sale, as well as with Plasma Cutting Equipment, the plasma arc welding features a protected electrode and this allows for a lower level of electrode contamination.

This is very advantageous in terms of welding materials that out gas as they weld and contaminate the GTAW electrode that is not protected. Thanks to the arc shape and the even heat distribution, the plasma arc welding forgives the changes in the arc length. This brings arc standoff distances which however are not critical as in the GTAW process. The plasma arc welding provides good welding consistency.

The transfer of arc in the plasma arc welding process is gentle and is consistent. It provides for welding of fine wire and thin sheet, as well as for miniature components which with the GTAW arc is not applicable as it will damage the part that has to be welded.

The stable arc in the process of welding reduces the arc wander and the arc welds where focused allowing the weld tooling to be in proximity with the weld joint aiming at maximum sinking of the heat. When plasma arc welding is performed there is just minimal high frequency noise when the pilot arc is started. Commercial welders can do plasma arc welding with NC controls and with no fear about the noise that will be made at starting the arc. The plasma welding arc energy can reach three times the energy of the TIG welding.

This results in smaller welds done with higher welding speeds, as well as in less weld distortion. The welding time here is also ideal for spot welding of fine wires, as well as for seam welding processes. The arc welding that requires low amperage allows for welding of small components and guarantees good control.